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Working with us

Kalbar aims to be a leading mineral sands company, providing long term opportunities for our people. In conjunction with our Local Content Policy, which directs us to employ locals and use local services and suppliers where possible, we are dedicated to building and retaining the right team to take the company forward.

We are committed to providing a working environment that is:

  • safe & healthy
  • challenging & diverse
  • innovative & enterprising
  • rewarding and balanced

Careers with Kalbar

As the project progresses, Kalbar will continue building its team. If approved, the Fingerboards Mineral Sands Mine will employ people in a wide range of roles, ranging from specialist mining positions to the usual jobs required by a major corporation.

Jobs will include engineers, geologists, metallurgists, occupational health and safety specialists, human resource managers, environmental scientists, chemists, IT professionals, accountants, machine operators, mechanics, electricians, administrators, process technicians, drillers, truck drivers, instrument technicians, operators, cleaners, bus drivers, caterers, gardeners, etc. We will also make a number of apprenticeships available for local people.

If you are interested in registering your interest for future opportunities, please contact us.