Working with Government

Kalbar seeks to work with the government to achieve the best outcome for the people of East Gippsland, Gippsland, Victoria and Australia as a whole. The Fingerboards Mine represents the establishment of a major new business in Gippsland, a region under pressure from the wind-down of coal mining and forestry. It represents the establishment of a new mineral sands province, an industry that has been beneficial to many other regions in Australia. It represents the development of a new export for Eastern Australia in rare earths, a mineral essential to the transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy. With this in mind, Kalbar recognises it has an important role to play in the local and broader community.

Kalbar works with local, state and federal governments to see that the Fingerboards Mine is established in a beneficial way that meets the goals of the elected governments. Kalbar sits on panels that contribute to achieving efficient regulation. Kalbar makes its growing knowledge of the region’s geology and hydrology available to the State for use for the people. Kalbar willingly works with the Government to be a leading light in business-governmental relationships. Kalbar follows the Government’s recommendations on best practice community engagement and is a foundation member of the pilot program to improve community engagement through the appointment of a government funded community advisor.