About us

Kalbar Limited is an Australian owned public company. It was established by several Australian mining professionals and Hillgrove Resources, an Australian copper miner to develop the Landak Bauxite Project in Indonesia. Kalbar sold this project in 2012, and is proud that it is now a key part of an integrated mine to smelter project that employs thousands of people in the manufacture of aluminium.

In 2013, we acquired the Gippsland Mineral Sands Project from Rio Tinto, which included the very large Glenaladale deposit. Since then, through extensive drilling campaigns and the advanced analysis methods, Kalbar geologists have effectively discovered and defined a new high value ore body within the Glenaladale deposit that is now the focus of the Fingerboards Project. Currently we are undertaking the Bankable Feasibility Study, the final technical and economic study before an investment decision is made.

Kalbar Limited has the experience and team to deliver this world class mine for Victoria. Our geologists, engineers, scientists and technical consultants are recognised experts in mineral sands exploration, development and production. Our project is blessed with a skilled local workforce that will continue to grow.

Kalbar’s core values are Sustainability, Caring and Learning. We want to provide the world with minerals essential to making the world a better place. We will do this in the most sustainable manner possible.